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Are you a right fit to be a gestational surrogate mother?

This is a very personal question! But, let's go over some basic. Being a surrogate mother is a very rewarding experience! You are helping some couples to achieve their dreams.  Are you healthy physically and mentally? Have you a prior successful live-birth? Are you a responsible person?  Will you be able to set aside 10-12 months of your time dedicated to this service?

If your answered "yes" to all of the above questions.  Maybe you should seriously consider being a surrogate mother!  Because we are providing service to Chinese couples, you need to have no objection of carrying baby(ies) in case the embryos(eggs) are of a different race from you.  All embryos are frozen because there are more desperate families out there than willing surrogate candidates.  Therefore, you have time to think and decide whether it is the right job for you.  You will need to go through physical examinations, psychological evaluations by qualified, independent physicians.  Why we need these exams? Because we want to make sure you are healthy so your future pregnancy can be smooth and uneventful.  Once you passed the exams, you will be going to Southern California for implantation of the embryo(s), numbers of embryo (1-2) depends on the expecting parents' decision.  Some expecting parents may want to order amniocentesis to check for birth defect.  And, in case, there is a positive finding of defects or disease, the expecting parents may decide to terminate the pregnancy. It is not an easy decision for the expecting parents, but we want you let you know in advance that as a surrogate mother, you will have no say in this matter, and you need to be fine with this type of arrangement as these babies will be the responsibilities of the expecting parents and you need to respect their decisions.  In a sense, being a surrogate mother is like renting out your body for a fixed period of time, agency will arrange to cover your medical expenses and other expenses associated with pregnancy, but certain aspects pertaining of information to your body will not be as private.  Therefore, you will need to develop a level of tolerance and be able to collaborate with your pregnancy support team for all routine pregnancy exams and drug testings when needed until your give birth in your local hometown. (Because it is hard to predict when the baby(ies) will arrive so we will make plan in advance, but there is no need to go California.  After the delivery, you will also given a stipend for a month so you can rest and recuperate.  Of course, your study team will be there for your own moral support.  After all, we want to make sure you are happy and the baby(ies) you are carrying will receive a great pre-natal care because of you.  Finally, you will be rewarded handsomely for being able to provide someone the best gift EVER!  The idea of being pregnant of other people's child may not be a natural concept and it carries health risks like other pregnancy.  Take you time to think about it and then we can chat once you want to learn more information.  No one should ask you to be a surrogate mother if you don't feel comfortable of doing it.  


What is a gestational surrogate mother?

It means that you are carrying an embryo that is not your own egg.  In other words, the egg is from other woman or the expecting mother.

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